Women Gift Ideas for Men Who Are Stumped

guitar-picks-custom-valentine-gift-idea-boyfriend-1Guys often have a hard time buying Christmas gifts for a woman in their lives. Whether it’s the wife, girlfriend – or even a family member, thinking up women gift ideas is a hard task for most men.

You can do a little investigative research to discover what the perfect Christmas gift would be for her. And you don’t have to ask outright, just be a sleuth! Start listening to what she says she’s doing for enjoyment.

Did she mention how her feet are killer her or do you see her analyzing her chipped fingernails on a regular basis? A nice pedi-mani combination would make any woman appreciative. If you have the funds, splurge for the deluxe spa version.

If it’s your wife, take a look on her bookshelves one day. Is there a certain author she’s fond of? If so, look online and see if there’s a new book out by that person. You can also find recommendations that say, “if you like (author’s name), then you might also like this…”

Is she always in a baking mood? You don’t have to worry about offending a woman by giving her a kitchen utensil if it’s something she’ll really love. For instance, is she using a handheld mixer?

If so, you can replace it with a standing mixer so that she is able to multitask as she works her way around the kitchen. A slow cooker is also a welcomed kitchen gift idea because it means less work is involved for making dinner.

Consider some technical gifts this year, too. A GPS system for her car, a Blu Ray disc player, or a new HDTV might be something she’d never splurge on for herself. If she’s a book addict like we mentioned earlier, then you might consider giving her instant access to a whole library of titles on a new Amazon Kindle or Sony eReader.

Here are more women gift ideas:

• Fitness GPS wristwatch if she likes to exercise outdoors
• Fragrance gift set that includes her favorite scent
• MP3 player with a gift card to iTunes
• Digital camera
• Microfiber bathrobe

There’s no end to the women gift ideas you can conjure up if you just keep your eyes open and see what she likes and what she might need. And if worst comes to worst, you can always give her an online gift certificate and let her do the gift choosing herself!

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