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Surprise Your Son with Apple MacBook Laptop this Christmas

apple-macbookYou won’t want to miss getting your hands on the Apple MacBook Laptop as soon as possible. Barely under two inches and just under five pounds, this laptop’s slim build is one that will fit into your lifestyle as well as your book bag.

But just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it can’t handle the bumps in life. It’s built to last even the rigors of high school or college and is a perfect match for any student. No more interrupted life.

With precision accuracy, this laptop comes with a long lasting battery that’s built in. Now, you won’t have to worry any more about having to give your laptop a quick charge before you head out the door. You’ll get a nine to four workday out of this gadget – that’s seven hours worth of usage before a recharge is even necessary.

Plus, the Apple MacBook Laptop has an easy to see screen that’s a comfortable thirteen inches, sharp color, sharp detail for your surfing pleasure. No more squinting at screens so small you practically need a magnifying glass to find them.

You get the technology you want when you get an Apple. This product is already stacked for you with a unique operating system known as the Snow Leopard – along with a host of popular applications. You get more for your money when you pick up this delicious deal.

The processor lets you zip right through your Internet jobs with a speed that’s truly amazing. When it comes to hard drives, some laptops fail to deliver the service behind the hype.

But with the super-sized 250 GB, you get the powerful hard drive that can handle what you need to store. Not sure how much space that is? Think of it this way – some home computers only have 160 GB of hard drive so you can see the laptop here is a good choice to get and not just for Christmas either.

The Apple delivers extras. For relaxing or business, this laptop also comes with a camera made right into it so that you can talk via video. Ordinary laptops don’t have that added feature.

And ordinary laptops will cramp your style. With some laptops, you get small keyboards that almost stack your fingers on top of one another but with this one, you get ample keyboard room.

Did you know that the Apple MacBook Laptop is very Earth friendly? It saves power even when you’re typing on the keyboard and the battery outlasts typical laptop batteries. Don’t expect your Apple battery to wear out. But in the event it ever does, you don’t have to throw it away. Apple will take the old battery. Now that’s a laptop with savings all the way around!

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Painting The Receiver’s Face with Glee with ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK 10.1-Inch Black Netbook

eeePeople who conduct business on the road can’t be hampered down with a full-size laptop. In this day and age, laptops have become clunky and passé, and mini-notebooks are the ideal computers for travelers who demand usability and a neater, more compact profile.

The ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK 10.1-inch mini-notebook is just such a mini-notebook, offering everything you need to get your work done, find and file the information you need, and even grab a little entertainment.

One of the most valuable qualities of this great ASUS mini-notebook is the fact that you can go almost 11 hours without stopping on one battery charge that comes with its Super Hybrid Engine. This notebook can go unplugged all day long and into the evening. If you’re on the road or in the air, this is a lifesaver!

While looks aren’t everything, you’ll appreciate the inspired design of this awesome and compact computer. Its iridescent contour is reminiscent of a seashell, making a beautiful work tool.

The ASUS Netbook’s 92 percent scaled keyboard is ergonomically designed and easy to use. It doesn’t make you feel constricted, and the handy touchpad only adds to the overall ease of operation.

The display is a sizable 10.1-inch display that uses LED, offering crisp clarity, and the 170 GB worth of hybrid storage (160 GB hard drive and 10 GB Eee online) is enough for the storage, access and sharing of tons of information. And weighing in at a just 2.8 pounds, it’s a breeze to carry.

Do you need a notebook that can connect to the Internet quickly and easily? The ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK Black Netbook supports connectivity with an on-board wi-fi 802 wireless network card.

The digital array microphone and 1.3 megapixel webcam give you a means of clear visual and audio communication. And because it operates on Microsoft’s Windows XP, you can be sure of operating system stability and performance.

This is truly an excellent mini-notebook on the cutting edge – perfect for yourself or as the best gift you can give your favorite globetrotter for Christmas. If you’re not a globetrotter, this is still a great answer to having to lug a clumsy laptop around. Mini-notebooks, or netbooks, as this one is called, are the right tools for those who need to be able to work at a moments notice, or in odd places like airports and coffee shops.

Businesspeople, grad students, college students, technicians who are on the road, teachers and others will find the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK 10.1-inch Netbook to be an invaluable tool for word processing, gathering information on the Internet, and for keeping important lines of communication open and flowing. We’ve graduated from desktop PCs to laptops. The next logical step is to move on to a netbook that is comprehensively useful, compact and attractive to boot.

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Online Gift Card Options for Christmas Shoppers

online gift cardsThere are two ways you can get an online gift card for someone on your Christmas list this holiday season. The first way involves spending money to get free money – and the second involves paying directly for the gift card itself.

Many banks these days offer special debit cards where you gain points every time to use the card. Those points can be exchanged for online gift cards to various shopping outlets, including major retail centers like Target or Best Buy.

Many sites have offers you can fill out where, in exchange for your time completing a survey and handing over your contact details, you’re given an online gift card to use at a store of your choosing.

But most people rely on the traditional route to secure an online gift card for someone on their shopping list. They find a store the person would be interested in shopping at, and they purchase a gift card in a specific increment.

Now usually, these gift cards were purchased in person. But more shoppers are just grabbing an online gift card instead. This makes it very convenient for both the shopper and the gift recipient because no one has to get out in holiday traffic and face the crowds to get or use the gift.

Online gift cards are perfect for friends and family living in remote areas, too. With an online gift card, they can log onto the Internet and access their favorite store, which may not be anywhere near their home, and purchase whatever suits them.

With many online gift cards that you buy, there are restrictions that the card can only be used online. So if you buy one, but you know the recipient may want to go to a local retailer and shop, make sure they understand that this is for online purchases only.

If the online gift card has an expiration date, point this out to the recipient. Many people safely tuck them away until they want or need to spend them, only to be sorely disappointed that time has run out unexpectedly.

Online gift cards are perfect presents – not only for convenience – but because the recipient who gets it on Christmas can get a lot more product for their money with after-Christmas sales that now reach into cyberspace, and not just local retail stores.

Purchase an online gift card with confidence. You’ll know the person getting it will appreciate it and get exactly what they want this year. If you don’t want to go with a specific store, then consider one of the debit-like credit card gift cards, like a Visa or American Express gift card.

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Women Gift Ideas for Men Who Are Stumped

guitar-picks-custom-valentine-gift-idea-boyfriend-1Guys often have a hard time buying Christmas gifts for a woman in their lives. Whether it’s the wife, girlfriend – or even a family member, thinking up women gift ideas is a hard task for most men.

You can do a little investigative research to discover what the perfect Christmas gift would be for her. And you don’t have to ask outright, just be a sleuth! Start listening to what she says she’s doing for enjoyment.

Did she mention how her feet are killer her or do you see her analyzing her chipped fingernails on a regular basis? A nice pedi-mani combination would make any woman appreciative. If you have the funds, splurge for the deluxe spa version.

If it’s your wife, take a look on her bookshelves one day. Is there a certain author she’s fond of? If so, look online and see if there’s a new book out by that person. You can also find recommendations that say, “if you like (author’s name), then you might also like this…”

Is she always in a baking mood? You don’t have to worry about offending a woman by giving her a kitchen utensil if it’s something she’ll really love. For instance, is she using a handheld mixer?

If so, you can replace it with a standing mixer so that she is able to multitask as she works her way around the kitchen. A slow cooker is also a welcomed kitchen gift idea because it means less work is involved for making dinner.

Consider some technical gifts this year, too. A GPS system for her car, a Blu Ray disc player, or a new HDTV might be something she’d never splurge on for herself. If she’s a book addict like we mentioned earlier, then you might consider giving her instant access to a whole library of titles on a new Amazon Kindle or Sony eReader.

Here are more women gift ideas:

• Fitness GPS wristwatch if she likes to exercise outdoors
• Fragrance gift set that includes her favorite scent
• MP3 player with a gift card to iTunes
• Digital camera
• Microfiber bathrobe

There’s no end to the women gift ideas you can conjure up if you just keep your eyes open and see what she likes and what she might need. And if worst comes to worst, you can always give her an online gift certificate and let her do the gift choosing herself!

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Give Your Son a Nintendo Wii Console

wiiYou may have already discovered that the price of the Nintendo Wii Console has been lowered – and just in time for the holidays, too! This system is one of the most amazing concepts in gaming technology that’s ever been invented. Who would have thought many years ago when Super Nintendo was all the rage that some day we’d all be able to play interactive video games?

Who likes the Wii? The audience for the Wii is broader than the audience in past video games. It used to be that video games were targeted toward kids or young adults. Occasionally, some older people would play, but the pull simply wasn’t there. When the Wii was developed, everyone in a variety of demographics paid attention and wanted one.

Why are they so popular? There are so many factors that go into building the popularity of the Nintendo Will Console. First, because you get a ton of value for one low price. You get technology that’s pretty advanced in that it’s made for everyone of any age to enjoy.

Even people with health problems who can’t exercise at a gym can play a game like bowling on the Wii and get exercise. What Wii did was to create a system where an entire family could join in.

Remember those older games? If someone accidentally jerked the cord during play, the game would reset? Unlike games of old where everyone sat around with controllers attached to the set, the Wii uses wireless technology. The flash memory on the Wii is pretty big with a total of 512 MB. And if you own the outdated GameCube discs, you can still use those if you get the Wii.

The Wii remote works based on the use of accelerometers and is far superior than anything you can buy. You can play the sports games that come along with the purchase of the Wii with ease by using the remote and you actually get a physical workout.

If you think the Wii is just for games, you’re mistaken. You can get channels with the Wii. For example, if anyone in the family is an avid photographer, you’ll be able to pull up your digital photos right on the TV screen.

All you need is the memory card and the Wii. One of the most popular channels is the Internet channel with the Wii. Once you get the browser, you can maneuver the Internet by using the Wii. In this day of social media messaging, you can even use the Wii to zip a message to others.

With the games, the ability to use them for exercise or fun, the many channels, the Nintendo Wii Console offers every member of the family a way to engage in fun activities.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Christmas 2009

Gift-Ideas-365-721865There’s always some sort of situation where you need last minute gift ideas and you don’t know where to turn. You might be buying a last-minute gift for your mother-in-law, a spouse, or even a child. Some people rush to work on the last day of the office gathering, suddenly remembering that they had secret Santa duties, and they need a last-minute gift for that.

Don’t panic if you haven’t yet bought a gift for that special someone. There are all sorts of last-minute gift ideas for Christmas 2009. The Internet can be your best friend when it comes to finding solutions for Christmas gifts. You can find something suitable for everyone. For instance, a gift certificate to a major store will always be a hit. Plus, it’s suitable for both genders and all ages.

You can buy online gift cards to places like eBay,, Target, Best Buy, and more. Most people who are in a panic for a last-minute Christmas gift usually stop by a 24-hour drugstore, such as Walgreens or CVS pharmacy. All that you’re going to find here are cheap substitutes for a special gift that you could have purchased online instead.

When you buy an online gift certificate, the company will usually give you the option of having an announcement emailed directly to the recipient. Or, print out the purchase details, stick it in an envelope, and give that as a Christmas gift.

No one needs to know that the gift that you purchased was a last-minute one. If you don’t have access to the Internet at the exact time that you need the gift, you can always stop by your local grocery store and find gift cards there. It’s best if you can tailor your gift card to the person’s interests.

For example, for the do it yourself man, you might pick up a $50 gift card to Home Depot or Lowe’s. Another great option, for a sports fan, might be to get a gift card to the MLB shop online, where they can purchase their choice of fan gear.

Teenagers will love a gift card to Best Buy. Here, they can buy video games, consoles, cell phones and accessories, movies, and many more technical gadgets of their choosing. This type of gift card is great for grownups too.

Another perfect type of gift car is a Visa or American Express gift card. When you buy this type of gift certificate, it works just like a debit card – and your recipient can use it anywhere that Visa or American Express is accepted.

Another great last minute gift idea is cold, hard cash. While it sounds impersonal, kids and teenagers will LOVE it. They prefer to get money over having an uninformed grown-up buy them a gift they won’t like. And you can pick up a simple cash gift greeting card to stick it in.

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Apple iPod Touch: A Perfect Gift this Christmas

apple-ipod-touch-8-gbLeave it to Apple to come up with a gadget that does it all – and that’s not an overstatement – the Apple iPod Touch really does it all! First, it’s an MP3 player. But it’s so much more than that. It is a mini-computer, a game player, and a movie player, too. You can get your email on this iPod, or find directions with Google maps. It goes far beyond an MP3 player.

As an MP3 player, the Touch lets you create your own music mixes via Genius Mixes. Sync your iPod with your iTunes and Genius puts similar songs together to create unique mixes. You can even watch the videos to your favorite songs on your iPod.

If you’re into album art, check out Cover Flow. With a flick of a finger, you can see the album art for each song, turn the album over and see the entire playlist, then start the music. And if you’re in a random sort of mood, just give your iPod a shake and let it shuffle to a different song.

What else can the Apple iPod Touch do for you? It’s got Bluetooth capability, and a big 3.5-inch widescreen color display – you can watch videos, movies and TV shows. And the App Store offers over 75,000 amazing applications from games to education, and lifestyle to social networking.

You can sync your iPod with iTunes on your computer and download music, movies, audiobooks, podcasts and more. And your iPod can store up to a whopping 90,000 photos!

Your iPod home screen is customizable, so you can arrange your apps in the order you need them to appear, and one quick press of the Home button will bring you back to your main screen. This makes it possible to search the entire contents of your iPod from one easy location, and with only a few touches of your finger.

Surfing the ‘net with your iPod is made easy with Safari, the most advanced and reliable web browser for portable devices. All you need is a wi-fi connection, and you’re on the Web.

Your iPod can even sync the bookmarks from your Mac or PC, so you can easily access your favorite websites when you’re on the go. Both Google and Yahoo searches are built in, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Your existing email account will work on your iPod, and you can view your email just as you would on your computer, even with HTML, so images and photos appear as they should. Email attachments come in their original formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

What else can your new iPod do? It can help you get accurate maps and directions to get where you’re going and give you up-to-date traffic information. You can use Nike+ to track your workouts and keep yourself motivated whether you’re at the gym or jogging the nature trail. Search YouTube for your favorite videos, and explore featured, most viewed and top rated videos, too.

The Apple iPod Touch helps you remember things that you might otherwise forget during your busy day. Voice Memos lets you record notes to yourself – your grocery list, a great idea, or a reminder to make an important phone call. You can even edit and share your memos. And if you’re an avid reader, you can use your new iPod Touch to download and read Amazon Kindle books!

With so many things going for it, any busy person who loves music and loves to stay organized should have the new iPod Touch. As a holiday gift, this iPod can’t be beat! If you or someone you know loves technology, loves cool gadgets, and loves to stay on top of things, this is the perfect gift to give or get!

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Give Bestselling NFL Team Jerseys this Christmas

jerseyFootball is a favored pastime and the odds are, you know someone who loves everything about the sport. They love to watch the games on television, love to go to the games and root for their favorite team and player. You can delight that football fan this Christmas with a gift he or she won’t want to part with. That gift is one of the bestselling NFL team jerseys such as the Brett Favre Jersey: Reebok Purple Replica #4 Minnesota Vikings Jersey.

Who wouldn’t thrill to own this jersey? Brett Favre’s NFL record stats outshine many of the big name players in NFL history. It was Brett Favre who helped Green Bay dominate football and it was Favre who set records for passing. Any fan of football and fan of Favre would be awed to receive such a gift for Christmas. Though he set records, this football player has won the hearts of fans by making himself part of a team and giving back a hundred and ten percent.

This purple jersey is made out of polyester mesh that can withstand any armchair quarterback’s game. You get the NFL patch and the logo known for speed-Reebok-graces both sleeves. You don’t have to wonder if it’s legit – the NFL gives this jersey the official stamp of approval. You get Brett Favre’s name and number imprinted on the shirt to make your football viewing days deck you out like a champion.

Not only would you find the Brett Favre Jersey: Reebok Purple Replica #4 Minnesota Vikings Jersey is a great Christmas gift idea for adults, but the Brett Favre Youth Jersey: Reebok Purple Replica #4 Minnesota Vikings Jersey is guaranteed to be a hit among the younger fans. Let your kid show his team spirit by wearing the jersey made famous by a great player.

Bestselling NFL team jerseys are created for fans of different teams and another one of those teams is the Indianapolis Colts. With the Peyton Manning Jersey: Reebok Blue Replica #18 Indianapolis Colts Jersey, you can score big when you give this to that special someone on Christmas Day. The great part about giving a jersey as a Christmas gift is that these are made to fit a man, a woman or a child, so no fan has to be left out.

Like the other jerseys officially licensed by the NFL, the Peyton Manning Jersey: Reebok Blue Replica #18 Indianapolis Colts Jersey comes from the same quality material and eye to detail. You or your loved one will be able to wear it with pride.

If you know someone who’s a Steelers fan, you can get one of the bestselling NFL jerseys for them too. The Troy Polamalu Jersey: Reebok Black Replica #43 Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey will go the distance.

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10k White Gold Diamond 3-Stone Heart Pendant for Christmas

pendantThere are so many ways to show someone special that you love her, but a fine piece of gold and diamond jewelry can say things without a single word. People have long looked to diamonds and gold to express their deepest and most heartfelt feelings of love and appreciation.

Women love to receive gifts of fine jewelry as symbols of devotion and lasting affection. If you’re looking for the perfect jewelry gift for a beloved girl or woman in your life, look no further than a beautiful 10k white gold three stone diamond heart pendant.

Think of the possibilities with a simple, yet sophisticated heart necklace, highlighted by diamonds. As a gift for your loving wife, you simply can’t find anything better. If you want to tell a special girlfriend that your heart is hers, this is the gift.

And there is more potential for a fine piece of jewelry such as this. Are you looking for a special way to tell your mom thanks for all she’s done for you? For her laughing eyes, and loving smile?

For the times she encouraged you, helped you with your homework, or made you make your bed and clean your room? What could be a better way to thank your mother than to present her with a white gold diamond heart pendant?

Is your daughter growing into a young woman? Do you want her to know how much you love and adore her, and how much you appreciate her creativity, her youthful imagination and her spunk? Give her a heart pendant with a trio of dainty diamonds.

And how about that friend who has always been there for you and stood by you? She’s listened to you when you’ve been blue, and she’s celebrated your triumphs and happy moments just as if they were her own.

She’s been there to help you and has been a friend to you through thick and thin. Can you imagine how thrilled she will be when she opens up a beautifully boxed and wrapped 10k white gold heart pendant with diamonds from you?

If you’re looking for a gift that says everything you want to say to her, and more, one that is simple, yet sophisticated; one that is petite and dainty, yet glowing with the shine of diamond and gold, a sweetly sentimental gift of a heart and diamond pendant will make her smile from ear to ear.

Throughout history, the most precious of jewelry gifts have been those crafted from gold and set with exquisite diamonds. These two in combination – white gold and diamonds – make a treasured gift to last a lifetime. If you want to create loving memories, and say “I love you” in a way that she’ll always be able to keep with her, present her with a white gold three stone diamond heart pendant.

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Enjoy LG BD 370 Network Blu-Ray Disc Player this Christmas

lg blueray diskplayerYou have the high-definition television. You’ve created a great home theater. But the project isn’t complete unless you have a blu-ray disc player. And why not get the blu-ray disc player that offers added features to make it more than what it seems?

Why not get one that gives you the best, most advanced technology, along with access to thousands of movies and videos automatically, along with other nifty additions? If that kind of disc player sounds good to you, you’ll want the LG BD 370 Network Blu-Ray Disc Player.

If your family is clamoring for a new high-definition disc player this holiday season, be sure to check this one out. One of the biggest attractions with the BD 370 is that you get NetCast Entertainment Access, access to YouTube, CinemaNow, and Netflix, all direct from the Internet, and all available whenever you’re in the mood for a great movie or an entertaining video. No more complaints that there’s nothing to watch on TV. You don’t even need a computer – just an Internet connection!

And with the BD 370, you get the best possible picture quality. This blu-ray disc player delivers full HD at 1080p for both video and audio. And blu-ray discs offer you the latest in laser technology, and when it comes to digital capacity of DVDs, it’s 5 times stronger. This means there is more space on blu-ray discs for additional content and features.

If you’re not ready to replace all of your old DVDs, don’t worry, because the high quality high-definition that comes with the LG BD 370 will make even your DVDs look better with DVD up-scaling.

When you play your LG BD 370 Network Blu-Ray Disc Player in Cinema Mode, you’ll experience movies just as you would at the movie theater on the big screen. In Cinema Mode, you get a 24p display – the same that is used on a real movie screen. And to top things off, you’ll get superior audio in full high-definition.

With USB Media Plus, you can view your photos on your television. What a great way to share vacation, holiday and special event memories with your family and friends! And if you have more than one piece of LG electronic equipment, you can use SimpLink to manage all of them with only one remote.

A feature that promises to be real fun for devoted movie fans is BD Live. You can enter into live chats, games and new content directly from your blu-ray disc player. When you use your high-speed Internet connection, you can be interactive with other people and download more cool applications, too!

Are you ready to take the next step in high-definition home theater? Is your family asking for a blu-ray disc player for Christmas? Are you looking forward to really enjoying a true movie experience in combination with some fun features? If so, take a good look at the LG BD 370 Network Blu-Ray Disc Player. It’s got everything you want and more.

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