Surprise Your Son with Apple MacBook Laptop this Christmas

apple-macbookYou won’t want to miss getting your hands on the Apple MacBook Laptop as soon as possible. Barely under two inches and just under five pounds, this laptop’s slim build is one that will fit into your lifestyle as well as your book bag.

But just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it can’t handle the bumps in life. It’s built to last even the rigors of high school or college and is a perfect match for any student. No more interrupted life.

With precision accuracy, this laptop comes with a long lasting battery that’s built in. Now, you won’t have to worry any more about having to give your laptop a quick charge before you head out the door. You’ll get a nine to four workday out of this gadget – that’s seven hours worth of usage before a recharge is even necessary.

Plus, the Apple MacBook Laptop has an easy to see screen that’s a comfortable thirteen inches, sharp color, sharp detail for your surfing pleasure. No more squinting at screens so small you practically need a magnifying glass to find them.

You get the technology you want when you get an Apple. This product is already stacked for you with a unique operating system known as the Snow Leopard – along with a host of popular applications. You get more for your money when you pick up this delicious deal.

The processor lets you zip right through your Internet jobs with a speed that’s truly amazing. When it comes to hard drives, some laptops fail to deliver the service behind the hype.

But with the super-sized 250 GB, you get the powerful hard drive that can handle what you need to store. Not sure how much space that is? Think of it this way – some home computers only have 160 GB of hard drive so you can see the laptop here is a good choice to get and not just for Christmas either.

The Apple delivers extras. For relaxing or business, this laptop also comes with a camera made right into it so that you can talk via video. Ordinary laptops don’t have that added feature.

And ordinary laptops will cramp your style. With some laptops, you get small keyboards that almost stack your fingers on top of one another but with this one, you get ample keyboard room.

Did you know that the Apple MacBook Laptop is very Earth friendly? It saves power even when you’re typing on the keyboard and the battery outlasts typical laptop batteries. Don’t expect your Apple battery to wear out. But in the event it ever does, you don’t have to throw it away. Apple will take the old battery. Now that’s a laptop with savings all the way around!

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