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Share the Fun with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern-Warfare-2Anyone who loves first-person shooter video games has probably played at least one of the Call of Duty games. At this point, there are six games in the Call of Duty series, all of which continue to enjoy wild popularity among gamers.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the latest in this epic series of video games, and it brings players into modern day warfare with a bang. New weaponry, new options and new action are paired up with a variety of playing modes that include single and multi-player, and the co-operative Special Ops Mode.

If you have a gamer on your Christmas gift list, Modern Warfare 2 is one game that you can feel extremely confident about. Everyone wants this game! The storyline of the game takes place in current times, where an ultranationalist Russian leader has been eliminated, but his immediate underling, and the new leader of the ultranationalist force, is now facing danger.

In an effort to crush this new leader, the international community is involving Task Force 141, an elite unit comprised of US Navy Seals and Delta Force operatives, along with the American CIA and the British SAS, in the fight. Some characters from predecessor games show up on Modern Warfare 2 too, to help remove the threat of the ultranationalist Russians for good.

This game is a first-person shooter game in which each mission is developed around an objective. When in single player mode, players are aided by artificial intelligence (AI) squad members and get guidance from long-standing Call of Duty characters as well.

In the multi-player modes, players can play locally and online in free-for-all action, team action, or on search and destroy missions. As players gain experience in combat, their abilities increase, as do the availability of weapons and other perks.

And one of the nicer features of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is that newer players actually get help if they are experiencing a string of deaths. This helps “newbies” get some valuable experience and skills under their belts.

When playing in Special Ops Co-op Mode, the play features scenarios that are not found in other modes, and there are plenty more enemies to deal with. Speaking of enemies, part of the lure of this new Call of Duty game is in the improved AI enemies, who can now attack form any direction, adding a new facet of challenge.

The new environments are diverse and interesting – from the mountains of Kazakhstan, to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, to the foreboding tunnels of Afghanistan. The action does not stop, regardless of where players are in the game, and there are new ways to breach obstacles that were formerly unbreachable.

New gadgets and customization add more to the excitement in this latest installment of the Call of Duty game series. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been hailed as one of the best and most requested games for 2009, and for good reason. The game builds upon the already high reputation and quality of its predecessor games, and brings the thrill and suspense of modern day battle to video game consoles everywhere.

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Give a Christmas Corporate Gift Basket to Your Business Contacts

During the Christmas season, it’s important to think of those who have helped to make your business a success. Your staff, your customers, and the businesses you deal with have played a key role in your prosperity this year, and you will want to let each and every one know just how much you appreciate them. This Christmas season, give corporate gift baskets as a sincere gesture of your appreciation.

A corporate gift basket is the type of gift that is appropriate for presenting to anyone, whether your support staff, your vendors, customers both large and small, and even people that you hope to do business with in the future.

One of the best things about giving corporate gift baskets is that you can decide what to give. You may want to present a corporate gift basket that contains fruits, as a symbolic celebration of the prosperity you’ve enjoyed. Other types of gift baskets that would work well are cheese, or cheese and meat baskets: wine baskets, candy baskets, cookie baskets or coffee baskets.

Fruit can be a great feature for a corporate gift basket. A fruit basket can be used as a centerpiece at an office party. Everyone enjoys a fresh piece of fruit, and when you give a gift basket containing fruits, you can be sure your gift won’t go to waste!

Cheese or cheese and meat baskets also make excellent corporate gift baskets, offering variety and flavor. People who receive these often share them with friends and associates, giving you some good press in your industry.

A corporate gift basket that contains wine is a sophisticated gift indeed, and often come packed with additional treats like crackers, cheeses, meats and candies. Cookie and candy gift baskets are among the favorite type of corporate gift baskets to give. These are often placed in a highly visible spot for everyone to enjoy.

Finally coffee gift baskets make excellent corporate gifts. What office doesn’t have a coffee pot that is always on? Flavored and specialty coffees, and tea and hot chocolate can be the way to a customers heart!

When you send out a corporate gift basket, whether it’s for the holidays, to celebrate closing a big deal or the beginning of a new business relationship, don’t forget to send a personalized card along conveying your heartfelt appreciation.

Your business associates will appreciate hearing from you, and the card will stay with the basket until the very last morsel is gone, letting everyone know who the generous gift-giver was. Corporate gift baskets make a great way to send holiday greetings to your staff, your staff in satellite offices, vendors, and customers alike.

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Give a Cheese Gift Basket to Bring Delicious Flavor to the Holiday Season

Christmas Cheese Gift Basket

If you’re having trouble finding the right gift, think cheese gift baskets. Giving gifts of food is a tradition during the holidays, and food gifts that contain an array of tasty delights are always greatly appreciated.

If you have a Christmas list filled with names of people who already have everything, or of people who are difficult to buy for, or people who you just aren’t sure what to get for, try a cheese gift basket.

Gourmet cheeses are welcome at any table and are wonderful served as light snacks at parties or while having a relaxed conversation. Cheese gift baskets can become the centerpiece of a buffet table at your holiday party, and are perfect for sharing with co-workers at the office party.

Cheese gift sets come in both small and large sizes, working well for any holiday budget. Containing a variety of cheeses, both soft and hard, bold and smooth, often along with crackers or meats, people really love to receive cheese gift baskets because they are usable, sharable and enjoyable.

Consider all of the people on your holiday gift list that would love to receive such a gift – your neighbor, your child’s teacher, the dog walker, your office mate, the babysitter – even your best friends and closest family members.

Customize your cheese gift basket by adding some special touches. A small cutting board and knife would be perfect, or a great bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses. You could add some fresh, sweet fruit, or a baguette of fresh bread.

Present your gift with a set of kitchen towels, or a set of small hand decorated plates and some nice cloth napkins. The possibilities are endless. But remember, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to dress the cheese gift basket up at all – it will stand on its own as a fine gift.

And don’t forget that the baskets that your cheese gifts come in are decorative and reusable. Lots of people love baskets and trays for decorating with, and to use for serving other foods in. You’re not only giving a deliciously edible gift, you’re giving a decorative and useful one, too.

Food has long been used for gifts. During the holidays, it’s a tradition to give food gifts and share food in celebration of a season of hope, abundance, happiness and generosity. When you give a gift that reflects the joy and bounty of the season, such as a cheese gift basket, you give a gift that reminds people to sit back and enjoy the friendships and fun they’ve known throughout the year.

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Share the Holidays with a Cocoa or Coffee Gift Basket

Christmas Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Coffee is one of those things that can be considered a must-have staple item, or a special occasion item. Lots of people treat drinking coffee as an important social ritual. That’s why a coffee gift basket is so appropriate for so many celebrations. For the non-coffee drinkers, hot chocolate fits the bill just as well

When you get together with friends, it’s often at the coffee shop, and you share your life and your joys, your concerns and laughter, over coffee. What do congregations do after services? Coffee hour! What do you serve a friend who needs to talk something over, or share something exciting, or who needs a shoulder to cry on? Coffee!

Business and social meetings are held together with the help of a good cup of coffee. People have first dates over coffee. You drink coffee on chilly evenings in front of a warm fire. And you certainly drink coffee in the morning while reading the freshly delivered newspaper or planning out another busy day.

If you’re looking for the right gift for a serious coffee drinker, think about what a hit a coffee gift basket would be! Coffees come in so many flavors. You can find anything from chocolate to peppermint to pumpkin pie flavored coffees! And in different “roasts,” too – mild, medium, medium-bold, bold and even special dark roasts.

One of the nicest things about coffee gift baskets is that they make wonderful gifts for any coffee drinker. A teacher or boss is a prime candidate for a great gift like this. And what about your helpful neighbor, your sister who just loves coffee, your best friend the coffee hound, or your co-workers? Coffee gift baskets come in many sizes, so you can spend a little or a lot on a nice gift.

Coffee gift baskets make great variety gifts. You can include coffees that are already ground, or whole beans. Coffee from the world over can be included, as well as fair trade and organic coffees.

Shade grown coffees are eco-friendly, and will make the ecologically minded coffee drinker on your gift list happy. And don’t forget decaf coffee for those coffee lovers who don’t like the caffeine jolt.

When you’re giving a coffee gift basket, remember that you can add some extra special touches. A special mug or pair of mugs is a wonderful addition. You can get mugs in your recipient’s favorite color or with a funny saying on them. Or give a nice travel mug to go with your gift of coffee.

Use your imagination. If your coffee lover is also a dog lover, get a set of mugs with dog pictures or cartoons on them. Other nice additional gifts could be some specialty teas as a compliment to the coffee, coasters, drink napkins, a grinder or fancy scoop, some chocolates, cookies or biscotti, or flavored coffee syrups.

Cocoa and coffee gift baskets are perfect as holiday gifts, and work well for just about any other occasion, too. If you have a cocoa or coffee lover or two on your gift list this year, wrap up a coffee gift that is sure to be a winner!

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A Fruit Gift Basket Represents Gratitude and Happiness

Christmas Fruit BasketAt holiday time, or when any gift-giving occasion comes along, a fruit gift basket can make one of the most enjoyable gifts you can give. Imagine Christmas and the New Year. These are times of celebration and joy – times for sharing all the blessings of friendship and family.

If you’re having a family gathering, or a party to celebrate the holidays, you can add a fruit gift basket or two, to make the event even better. Fresh fruits are symbolic of life and abundance.

They offer up a sweet bounty of flavor and color and are both lovely to look at and wonderful to eat. As centerpieces on a buffet table, fruit gift baskets make simple, yet delightful focal points.

Are you searching for the perfect gift to give this Christmas? Give a fruit gift basket that is overflowing with fresh fruit, hand selected, and carefully packaged. This kind of gift is a perfectly healthy and delicious way to say Merry Christmas to your boss, neighbors, teachers, co-workers, friends, and that person who has everything.

Festively speaking, fruits have been held in high esteem when it comes to celebrations. During the holiday season, you sing about partridges in pear trees, stuff oranges into stockings, decorate trees with sugared fruits, and eat traditional fruitcake. It’s all about the theme of the wealth of joy the holidays bring, so gifts of fruit make a great statement about thankfulness, generosity and hope.

If you want to really make a statement with a fruit gift basket, give one that contains either a stunning variety of fresh, sweet fruits, or give one that contains only one type of fruit – perhaps a favorite of the recipient.

Don’t forget that you can add extras to your fruit gift basket. Why not include a bottle or wine or sparkling juice, or some decadent chocolates with you gift? You can add luscious cheeses and crackers, or nuts.

And don’t forget special touches like festive napkins, or a cutting board and knife. Or how about some holiday themed kitchen towels? Just use your imagination to think of perfect additional gifts that will go well with your fruit gift basket.

A fruit gift basket is a wonderful sharing gift. Purchase one and invite your friends and family for an evening of conversation and fun. Use the fruit as the focal point of your table, and add glasses of wine or sparkling juice.

Turn on the holiday lights and some happy Christmas music and share your memories of the past year and your hopes for the upcoming New Year. This is a great way to spend a quality evening with the people who mean the most to you.

Are you baffled about the perfect holiday, or any occasion gift that is appropriate for just about anyone? A delicious fruit gift basket can be the perfect answer. Share the symbolic bounty that a basket of fruit brings, and share a wish for a happy, sweet and fulfilling holiday season and New Year.

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Christmas Spa Gift Basket – A Relaxing Present This Holiday Season

Christmas Ways Spa Gift Basket
How would you like to give the gift of a day at the spa, without forking over the big bucks it would take to actually pay for a day at a fancy spa? You can do it by giving someone special a spa gift basket!

Whenever someone talks about going to the spa, the image that comes to mind is one of a calm and beautiful place where you go to be pampered and to relax. People leave spas feeling peaceful, centered, cared for and beautiful. You can create that experience for someone by giving her a spa gift basket.

The combination of items and ingredients you’ll find in a great spa gift basket is almost endless, and you can choose one that is perfect for the personality and style of the special person you’re giving the spa basket to.

Spa gift baskets might contain any of the following items: bath pillow, bath towel, loofah sponge, bath salts or bath oil, scented body wash, scrub and moisturizer; and candles or aromatherapy oil. Or maybe a pumice stone or exfoliating tool, nail polish, foot massage cream, pedicure tools and comfy slippers or socks would be included.

You can find spa gift baskets that include herbal tea, a mug, candles or aromatherapy oil, and a soothing music CD. You might find a spa gift that contains all of these items and even more.

And if you think that spa gift baskets are only for women, think again. While women are typically the recipients of such gifts, you can find spa gift baskets for couples and men, too.

A spa gift for a man might include body wash and cologne or scented moisturizer, manicure tools, shaving tools, loofah, body brush, and bar soap. And a “couples spa gift set” could feature massage oils, a massage book, flavored oils, chocolates, robes and slippers, romantic music, bubble bath, candles and more.

You can find spa gift baskets in scent themes, too. Rose, lavender, citrus, vanilla, and specialty scents, like fresh linen or sea breeze, are popular. For someone who finds a certain scent particularly calming or rejuvenating, you can choose a gift basket that is scent-themed.

If you want to add some extra touches to go with a spa gift basket, you could include a book of poetry or a small journal to write in. Or add a small decorative waterfall, a set of seashells or polished stones in a bowl, a green plant, or a small photo frame so that the lucky recipient can enjoy a meditative focal point while relaxing.

Spa gift baskets can make excellent gifts for just about anyone. You can give them to the women in your life – everyone from your mom, to your child’s favorite teacher, or to your friends.

If you have a man in your life who likes to look, feel and smell great, a spa gift basket can make a great gift. And if you know a couple who would enjoy some quality pampering time, a basket of spa gifts is a thoughtful and fun choice.

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Look for a Great Christmas Sale Online

Every holiday season, retailers compete with one another to draw in the shoppers. They’ll advertise in newspapers, television and on the radio for percentages off certain items or they’ll give coupons for additional money off things that are already marked down. Consumers are hoping to find a great Christmas sale online.

Online shopping stores are not really that much different than those housed in buildings that you can go to. Just like retail stores, they have to offer sales to make their merchandise more enticing for you to buy than their competition’s merchandise. Now more than ever is the best time to look for great Christmas sales online.

You can shop for what you want for every single person on your shopping list. From babies to tweens, teenagers to adults – there’s something online that’ll satisfy everyone. To get the best deals in online shops, you don’t have to spread a bunch of newspaper ads out all over your kitchen table trying to figure out which one has the best sale. You don’t have to clip coupons (that you sometimes forget and leave home anyway) and you don’t have to bring in the newspaper ad to get the sale price when you shop online.

You can do your comparison shopping by pulling up multiple store sites and checking the prices. If you’re shopping for clothing, you’ll be able to follow a size chart and pick out the size and color you’d like.

There are no worries if you happen to receive an item and decide it’s not right for you. All you have to do is return the item back to the online store and many stores even provide free return shipping. As for coupons, online stores offer percentages off as well.

If you reside in a part of the United States or overseas where the weather doesn’t always cooperate, you get the added bonus of not having to go out on ice slicked roads. You can shop sitting by a nice, crackling fire with a cup of coffee or cocoa in your hand.

But like retail stores, online stores have great bargains and the savvy shopper will be on the lookout for those deals. Make sure you’re constantly watching for sales and paying attention when the prices are good. You don’t want to be one of the shoppers who luck out on great deals.

With the money you’ll save finding a great Christmas sale online, you can treat yourself to a few gifts, too. Once you’re done with your shopping, all you have to do is wait for the delivery truck to arrive!

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Delightful Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume for Women

t_24799The Dolce & Gabbana name is well known for bringing a fresh and upscale quality to fashion and fragrance, and one of the most loved fragrances is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume for Women.

Light Blue is a scent that smells just like its name – fresh, simple, playful and exquisite. This irresistible perfume is perfect for giving as a gift, and reflects the joy that can be found in living through its blend of cedar, amber, musk, rose, bamboo, jasmine, bluebell, apple and Sicilian citron. These fruity, woody and floral tones come together to make a scent that is reminiscent of the bright blue sky or a sacred jewel found in a treasure chest.

Light Blue is long lasting, but never overpowering. It’s upbeat, but subtle, clean and straightforward, and elegant and playful – all at the same time. And even though this is touted as a women’s fragrance, men have been known to wear it – it truly has the ability to be a unisex scent!

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume for Women is appropriate for wear anytime – day or night. Because it is light, it’s perfect for the office, for a Saturday afternoon matinee, or for a sumptuous dinner and evening out. The compliments will flow, and positive attention will be flowing the wearer’s way in abundance.

One notable feature of this fragrance is the trail (called the sillage by perfume experts) it leaves behind. Light Blue’s trail, if it had a physical presence, would look like gossamer wings or an iridescent film of sparkling rays. It’s that light, that playful, and yet that sophisticated and gorgeous.

It is not unusual for there to be literally hundreds of fragrances on the market at any given time. Some will be inexpensive, and some will be quite costly. Some will withstand the test of time, and others will not. Light Blue has been around for a few years, and continues to be a most popular and sought after fragrance. While it isn’t cheap, reviewers and devoted wearers seem to feel that the investment is worth it.

For the upcoming holiday season, this wonderful perfume can make a wonderful gift for someone very special and very deserving. Imagine her finding a fragrance that conveys sentiment, status and style, while still being full of light and love, under the tree with her name on it!

Truly, to find a scent that blends all the right notes to create a symphony for the senses is worth a lot. Perfumes are worn every day to attract, to boost confidence, and to instill a feeling of life-loving resolve. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume for Women does that and more, making it a worthy fragrance for those who want to convey their love of life and love of beauty to everyone they meet.

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Fisher Price Elmo Live Encore

elmo live 01Every single Christmas season, certain toys always reach the pinnacles of marketing success when the demand for the toy surges much faster than the toy can be made and put out for purchase. This Christmas season, the surge has already begun over that upward swing over the Fisher Price Elmo Live Encore.

Fisher Price knows what kind of toys that kids like to play with and when their Elmo toys come out, it’s all the little ones can talk about wanting to see with their name on the tag beneath the Christmas tree. Christmas shopping is so much easier when you know what the child would like to have.

If it has the name Elmo in it, you can bet you’re on the right track by picking up one or two for the little ones in your life. Just what is it that makes Elmo so likeable? He holds the attention of kids every time they see him because in their eyes, there’s magic in that sweet little muppet.

Some toys are opened with excitement and then discarded quickly in favor of another. Not so with the Fisher Price Elmo Live Encore. Movement in toys entrances kids and they learn to mimic movement, speech and sound patterns from an early age.

Even kids as young as eighteen months can learn to sing songs thanks to the Elmo toy. Elmo will keep the children thrilled for hours on end with his laughable singing ability, his storytelling and his ability to crack a joke or two.

Kids get to see Elmo’s mouth move along with what he’s saying so it makes it more realistic to them. They can’t get enough of watching him perform! All kids have to do to watch Elmo swing into action is to give him a little squeeze on his foot, his adorable nose or his furry red back.

It’s so cute to watch him go. Even adults get caught up in watching him do his show. This little guy’s head is in motion when he’s talking and he’ll even raise his arms up and give a wave around.

It’s delightful to watch him sit down on a little stool and lift his leg one over the other. He’ll quickly become the toy your child will want to take everywhere he or she goes. Since the Elmo toys do have a habit of selling out pretty rapidly so make sure you’re putting this one in your online cart on or before if possible the Thanksgiving holidays so that you won’t have to make your little one wait until after Christmas to get one.

The Fisher Price Elmo Live Encore will make the little child in your life very happy when Christmas morning dawns.

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Have This Awesome Sony Home Theater System

sonyhometheatreBlu-ray is still considered a fairly new technology and sadly, many home theater systems being made today overlook this important part of new technology, meaning you can’t play Blu-ray on some theater systems. It kind of defeats the purpose in buying the latest in electronics, doesn’t it? But someone was paying attention to the direction the future has been heading because the Sony Home Theater System was created. With this system, you’ll have the capability to play your Blu-ray discs, no need to run out and buy a separate player like you’d have to do with other systems. And if you’ve got a television that’s made by Sony, you can incorporate the television into your setup as well. You’ll end up with great pitch added to performance and style. What’s so hot about the Sony Home Theater System? The surround sound means you’ll get the most out of your HD when you get this system. You get HDMI (which stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface). Remember the old school batch of cables you used to need to get all your stuff set up? Basically what HDMI does is to take the place of the need for all those cables. It’s a common interconnection. You get a better picture with HDMI. Plus, since it has what’s called active intelligence, that means no more trying to figure out what input you need. The system will do it for you. The active intelligence allows the system to communicate signals and choose the correct settings. That’s a pretty awesome system. If you have anyone in your family who’s not real good with electronics, this would make a gift that would take all the confusion out of operating a system. When it comes to speakers in a system, you’re looking for speakers that hand out a clear sound. This system comes with four speakers so you can get that great surround sound ideal you’re hoping to get. You’ll be surprised at how much better you can hear your movies once you get the system set up. If you have a BRAVIA (Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture) you may wonder what it means when you see BRAVIA Sync as one of the features. It means that if you hit play on your system, your television will power up, pick out the right input and within mere seconds, you’re good to go watch the movie – all because you pushed one button on one remote. If you’re looking to buy a theater system, you’re going to have to look far and wide to find one that will fit in with your décor, your budget and has the high level of technology that’s found in the Sony Home Theater System.

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