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Christmas Books That Teach You the Meaning of the Holiday

Christmas is the season of the gimmes. Gimme toys, gimme electronic gadgets, gimme gift certificates. That’s not the real meaning of Christmas. It’s not about the parties or the sharing of tasty meals, either. All the holiday gift giving, all the parties, all of the shiny decorations can take over the meaning of Christmas and it can get swallowed up. Christmas books can help remind you of what it’s really all about.

The simple Christmas gatherings of yesteryear have turned into one stress after another until you can feel like you’re stuck in a maze. With the hustle and bustle of everything going on, getting off track and lost in the maze of focusing on material stuff happens.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. You can get back on track and have the true meaning of Christmas foremost in your holiday celebrations. You can pick out Christmas books that you can read together as a family that will show the true meaning of the holiday.

These books come in different formats and aren’t difficult to get a hold of. If you have little ones at home and you want them to understand that Christmas is not about the material possessions, start a practice of sharing Christmas related stories after dinner every night or as a bedtime story. You can get under the blankets together and teach them holiday priorities that will last a lifetime. Start with

You can easily purchase these books from most retail stores or online stores that carry Christmas products. There are even some books that will share the meaning of Christmas in a way that make it come alive for your family by allowing the acting out of parts of the story.

Some books will offer you the opportunity to personal the stories by putting your child’s name in the book. Children remember the stories because of hearing their name used. And what child doesn’t laugh out loud and beg for more when his or her parents read a story about The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

What are the best books to buy that can teach the meaning of the holiday? The books that teach about giving and being thankful for even the small things in life like The Christmas Shoes.

Find books that teach about the origin of Christmas and the peaceful day that it started out as. Look for books that teach that Christmas is about being grateful for family, that it’s about not focusing on ourselves but on being there for others.

Seek to purchase books that will teach about how Christmas is shared the world over. Children are natural born learners and they soak in what they’re taught but when we get to busy during Christmas with the getting and the glittery decorating, they can learn the wrong lessons. So take the time out to share with them Christmas books that will show them the real meaning of this holiday.

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Books Gift Ideas for Friends and Family this Christmas

32041256_Christmas_eBooks_Vol.1_No.2When it comes to books, gift ideas can be sparing unless you know the exact author that your recipient prefers. But there’s another way to determine which books would make the best gifts for your closest friends and family members.

Strike up a conversation with them. Listen to their opinions. Are they very political? Then they may like a book by a political author, such as Glen Beck or Sarah Palin for Republicans or Obama for Democrats.

Someone who’s into horror or mystery might appreciate Stephen King’s new Under the Dome book – his latest release. Find out if they like his work before splurging on it, and if they do, but have already read it, then consider another similar author like Dean Koontz.

Is the person into self help autobiographies? Andre Agassi’s new book Open shares his true tale of drug addiction and failed marriages and shows how he came back from the brink of despair to start a new and better life for himself.

The special person in your life might appreciate a collectible coffee table book. You can find some great coffee table books on Norman Rockwell, Cartier, home decorating, rock bands, and more.

Another savvy books gift idea is to give someone a Kindle or Sony eReader. These are actually wireless reading devices that let your recipient download a full book in under 60 seconds – and hold a whole library of choices on their e-reader at any time.

You can pair this with a gift certificate they can use on Amazon or at the Sony eReader store to purchase titles they prefer. You can pre-load it if you know what they want, and even subscribe to magazines and newspapers for them!

And don’t forget this books gift concept, either: get your gift recipient an audiobook! Not every book is in hardback or paperback format. For people who travel a lot, an audiobook is a perfect gift selection.

Current bestsellers in audiobooks are Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue, the Complete Audio Bible, Bill O’Reilly’s A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity memoir, and Glen Beck’s Arguing With Idiots.

When buying books, gift ideas are in endless supply. You simply have to be aware of the preferences of your gift recipient and then meet their needs. Or, give them a gift certificate to a bookstore (online or local) and let them browse the latest choices themselves!

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