Apple iPod Touch: A Perfect Gift this Christmas

apple-ipod-touch-8-gbLeave it to Apple to come up with a gadget that does it all – and that’s not an overstatement – the Apple iPod Touch really does it all! First, it’s an MP3 player. But it’s so much more than that. It is a mini-computer, a game player, and a movie player, too. You can get your email on this iPod, or find directions with Google maps. It goes far beyond an MP3 player.

As an MP3 player, the Touch lets you create your own music mixes via Genius Mixes. Sync your iPod with your iTunes and Genius puts similar songs together to create unique mixes. You can even watch the videos to your favorite songs on your iPod.

If you’re into album art, check out Cover Flow. With a flick of a finger, you can see the album art for each song, turn the album over and see the entire playlist, then start the music. And if you’re in a random sort of mood, just give your iPod a shake and let it shuffle to a different song.

What else can the Apple iPod Touch do for you? It’s got Bluetooth capability, and a big 3.5-inch widescreen color display – you can watch videos, movies and TV shows. And the App Store offers over 75,000 amazing applications from games to education, and lifestyle to social networking.

You can sync your iPod with iTunes on your computer and download music, movies, audiobooks, podcasts and more. And your iPod can store up to a whopping 90,000 photos!

Your iPod home screen is customizable, so you can arrange your apps in the order you need them to appear, and one quick press of the Home button will bring you back to your main screen. This makes it possible to search the entire contents of your iPod from one easy location, and with only a few touches of your finger.

Surfing the ‘net with your iPod is made easy with Safari, the most advanced and reliable web browser for portable devices. All you need is a wi-fi connection, and you’re on the Web.

Your iPod can even sync the bookmarks from your Mac or PC, so you can easily access your favorite websites when you’re on the go. Both Google and Yahoo searches are built in, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Your existing email account will work on your iPod, and you can view your email just as you would on your computer, even with HTML, so images and photos appear as they should. Email attachments come in their original formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

What else can your new iPod do? It can help you get accurate maps and directions to get where you’re going and give you up-to-date traffic information. You can use Nike+ to track your workouts and keep yourself motivated whether you’re at the gym or jogging the nature trail. Search YouTube for your favorite videos, and explore featured, most viewed and top rated videos, too.

The Apple iPod Touch helps you remember things that you might otherwise forget during your busy day. Voice Memos lets you record notes to yourself – your grocery list, a great idea, or a reminder to make an important phone call. You can even edit and share your memos. And if you’re an avid reader, you can use your new iPod Touch to download and read Amazon Kindle books!

With so many things going for it, any busy person who loves music and loves to stay organized should have the new iPod Touch. As a holiday gift, this iPod can’t be beat! If you or someone you know loves technology, loves cool gadgets, and loves to stay on top of things, this is the perfect gift to give or get!

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